Dad Facts for Father's Day

Tuesday, 14 June 2016  |  Richard

With Father’s Day is just around the corner, take some time out to appreciate all the great Dad’s out there and why not take the opportunity to treat your Dad and just say thanks.

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10 facts about Dad’s that you may not know (according to Scientists):

  1. Our genetic makeup is most like the male parent than the female.  Our DNA is more heavily weighted from our father’s side.
  2. Men’s hormones change during pregnancy too!  This could be linked to the idea of thinking about becoming a father.
  3. Dad’s need to work on their baby talk.  While Mums can change the tone of their voice to sooth, fathers seem to struggle and their voice stays steady.
  4. Dad’s feel guilty too about leaving their kids to go to work. 
  5. Where Dad’s take on a high share of household chores their daughters have tended to aspire to high end careers
  6. Dad’s should sing more to their kids.  Studies have shown that the family feels protected and supported.
  7. Starting a family can increase a mans salary, productivity levels and loyalty to his Company
  8. Fathers that actively raise their children make smarter and better behaved children
  9. Dads that play with their children help them develop better in life when it came to friends and relationships
  10. Dads who spend more time with their kids are the happiest overall!