May the Fourth Be With you!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016  |  Richard

Star Wars Day!

The Day to declare 'may the fourth be with you' to fans all over the globe!  It is amazing that Star Wars is so popular among all age ranges despite the original being premiered in May 1977. 

George Lucas first got the inspiration for the series from the 1930s sci fi and adventure serials, Flash Gordon.

The programme would run every Saturday morning and end on a cliffhanger, while a text crawl would fill the audience in on what they might have missed from a previous episode.  Hence where the text crawls for each episode of Star Wars came from! 

There are some scenes and of course characters that Star Wars is most fondly remembered by.  Like when Darth Vader uttered the infamous words: 'I am your father' to Luke Skywalker.

Surprisingly 4 May isn't the only day dedicated to Star Wars.  Celebrations also take place on 25 May - the day is known by many fans as International Day of the Jedi.  And why is this?  Well, it is the date of the release of Episode IV in 1983.  Fans of the films have even put forward suggestions to turn 5 May into 'The Revenge of the 5th', which mimics the of Episode III 'Revenge of the Sith'.

One this is for certain, the best way to watch Star Wars at home is with one of our Cosy Night in or Movie Night Hampers!

We at delivered-gifts would like to wish everyone a happy Star Wars day this May!  And may the fourth be with you!!